Academic Regalia

Mace and Medallion

The Mace of Massachusetts College of Art and Design

The college's mace was made by John Wolfrum '83 (Master of Fine Arts, 3D). It is thirty-three inches in length and made of ebony and bronze.

The Ceremonial Medallion Chain

Designed and fabricated by Jill Slosberg-Ackerman, Professor of 3D Fine Arts, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, the sterling silver and gold medallion chain symbolizes the academic integration of the hand, the heart and the mind in symbolism of tools commonly used by artists and designers. The depiction of these tools have been worked into the silver and gold disks surrounding a central medallion of the Massachusetts state seal. The medallion with state seal includes a gold lamp, representing education and enlightenment and it rests on two crossed paintbrushes signifying the visual arts. A short history of the college is engraved on the reverse of some of the disks. The medallion chain and the mace were first created to commemorate the inauguration of William F. O'Neill in 1988.