Partnership Inquiries

If you are a community organization that is interested in creating a partnership program with MassArt, please fill out the form below or contact the Center for Art and Community Partnerships.

Here are some of the guidelines that we use when developing a possible partnership:

  • Mutual goals and outcomes of the collaboration should be clearly defined.
  • Partners define what resources they hope to access through collaboration with MassArt, and what opportunities they can offer the MassArt community.
  • A process for collaboration is established. This includes defining each partner's respective role, determining time and staff requirements for meeting and planning, as well as assigning individuals to provide leadership during all phases of the collaboration.
  • The partnership plans to conduct documentation and assessments of growth, learning, and change over time.
  • Partners work toward the possibility of sustaining the collaboration over the long-term.
  • The partnership plans to share its work and results with others.


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Sparring Partners Team


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