Community Based Teaching and Learning


Community-based teaching and learning occurs through faculty projects that address needs and desires identified by both community partners and faculty members.  CACP staff facilitates these connections to collaboratively conceptualize and develop projects via a series of conversations and planning sessions.  Projects can occur within innovative course curriculum, as co-curricular opportunities for students, or as independent projects undertaken by MassArt faculty members.  By going beyond the classroom, faculty and students experience art as a vehicle through which to interact proactively and productively with individuals, groups, and communities at local, national, and global levels.  Community partners are able to expand their capacity to robustly incorporate art and design into their organizations and missions.  As with all CACP projects, collaborations are designed to be mutually beneficial for community partners, faculty, and students.   

Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) Parker Hill Fenway + Creating Community (2011)

Art Education Professor Adriana Katzew and her students collaborated with one of ABCD's most active programs, the Senior Center.  Professor Katzew's "Creating Community" class brought together MassArt students and a diverse, multilingual, senior citizen population from Mission Hill and Greater Boston to create biweekly art experiences.  Students also interviewed the seniors about their lives and their memories of coming to and living in Mission Hill and Boston from various countries.


Making Art Public + Mission Hill (2011)

Making Art Public, conceived of by Studio Foundation faculty Jonathan Santos, is an interdisciplinary course that explores the social role of art and design, examines new forms and strategies of public art, and produces work in the public space and interest.  As a point of departure students investigated Mission Hill's histories, geographies, and everyday situations for site-responsive projects.  The course culminates in an exhibition that features the various projects from preliminary ideas, research, final proposals, and documentation of the range of temporary, non-destructive, and pedestrian-friendly art interventions in the community.

Whittier Street Health Center + Graphic Design 2 (Fall 2010)

Students in Professor Elizabeth Resnick's Graphic Design 2 course designed a series of informational, educational, inspirational, and culturally relevant posters on the subject of HIV education and awareness for the Whittier Street Health Center (WSHC) in Roxbury, MA.  WSHC staff member Jesus Geliga visited Professor Resnick's classes to critique student work and provide valuable feedback.  The WSHC's Community Advisory Committee selected posters which are now permanently installed on site at Whittier Street.  A reception organized in part by CACP's Community Exhibitions initiative welcomed the community at large to celebrate the collaboration.




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Community Partner Comment

Milly Arbaje-Thomas, Director, ABCD
"The arts can advance community impact as an integral part of community development efforts by inspiring collaboration, and creating opportunities for feelings of self value and self reliance."
Milly Arbaje-Thomas
Direcor, ABCD Parker Hill/Fenway Neighborhood Service Center


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