Celebrating 140 Years

On November 6, 1873, Massachusetts College of Art and Design opened its doors for the first time.

Historical photo of a MassArt drawing class.

MassArt's 140th anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on the college's many contributions to art, design, the state of Massachusetts, and the world.

On November 6, 2013, MassArt opened its doors to the community to share this noteworthy milestone through a forum entitled "Exploring 140 Years of MassArt History."  Library Director Paul Dobbs gave a brilliant lecture detailing "How MassArt Changed the World." The achievements by MassArt alumni include designing hybrid cars and Army helmets as well as creating movie sets and world-famous logos, and much more. 

Also that night, author, historian, and Penn State Professor Mary Ann Stankiewicz delivered a lecture probing and analyzing the beginnings of our 140 years: "The World that Created MassArt and the Worlds that MassArt Created." 

The last portion of the 140th anniversary event allowed the audience, especially professors emeriti and alumni, to add, comment, and critique. This forum served as the kickoff for ten years of research and reflection in preparation of MassArt's 150th birthday in 2023. The College recorded the event to capture new revelations and insights.

If you have additional MassArt stories, documents, or materials to contribute to the research for our 150th anniversary, please contact Paul Dobbs.

Paul Dobb's 140th anniversary presentation
Click the photo above to view Paul Dobb's PowerPoint "How MassArt Changed the World."

Or view a video that combines his presentation and lecture audio (approximately 16 minutes). 

Click to view Mary Ann Stankiewicz's presentation on MassArt's history
Click the photo above to view Mary Ann Stankiewicz's PowerPoint "The World that Created MassArt and the Worlds MassArt Created."